Relaxed wash routine

Let’s get In Control by using some products from the past

I think by now you know that my hair is in need for some serious help. In my previous post I mentioned that I’m dealing with breakage and having split ends. At the moment we are dealing with the Corona crisis, but I’m dealing with some serious hair crisis. Because I still plan on stretching my hair till 20 weeks, I have called for some remedies.

In the past I have used ApHogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor & Aunt Jackie’s in Control and both of this products are great for my hair. I haven’t used them in a while, but that is going to change.

STEP 1 | Pre-Poo
My hair needed a little light protein to kick start my wash routine. On old damped (spritz my hair with water) hair I applied the ApHogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor to my hair. I’m not lying when I say this, but when I was applying the conditioner to my hair, it immediately softened my hair. I’m now thinking to myself ‘why did I stop using this conditioner?’, because I really don’t know. After applying I sat under the hooded dryer for 15 / 20 minutes.

Why did I stop using this conditioner?

STEP 2 | Shampoo
From here it only going to moisture based products. After adding protein to my hair, I had to follow up with ApHogee Deep Moisture Shampoo. In sections of two I shampooed my hair and really gave my scalp that extra TLC. My hair felt good, although it was screaming for a deep condition treatment, the hair loss during the wash was minimal.

in control

STEP 3 | Deep Condition
Another favourite from the past is back in my life. Let me introduce to you Aunt Jackie’s In Control Conditioner. This conditioner is LIFE and again I’m asking myself ‘why did I stop using this conditioner’. Hiding my face, because I know why … I wanted to try out other conditioners, but hey here we are, like we never left.

This conditioner is LIFE

In sections of four I applied the conditioner to my hair and really focused on my ends and new growth. Sat under the hooded dryer for 30 / 40 minutes. My hair felt smooth!

STEP 4 | Leave-in
Continuing with moisture I sprayed Luster’s S-Curl No Drip Activator Moisturizer all over my hair. I wasn’t feeling in a mood to air-dry my hair, so I blow dried my hair.

STEP 5 | Moisturize
Because I blow dried my hair I was able to moisturize my hair right after. For moisturizing my hair I used ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion and sealed with my own oil mix.

After moisturizing & sealing, my hair was really thanking me. It felt soft, my hair was shiny & moisturized. Yes, there was still some breakage, small strings of hair, but if I keep this up my hair is going to recover.

Getting the health of my hair in control 

The thick & healthy journey continues, Eems!

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