Relaxed wash routine

Wash day | 3rd December ‘14

2014.12..07 washday

This week I was free from work. So I decided to wash my hair on a Wednesday. I have been slacking again sleeping without a scarf during the week. I need to buy a satin pillow case to protect my hair.

Step 1

For the pre poo routine I mixed Organix Pomegranate Green Tea Conditioner with the new oil mix (Grape Seed x Sesame Seed x Coconut). Before applying the conditioner I damp my hair with regular water. In sections of four I applied a decent amount to the hair and made sure that my ends was covered. With this routine I didn’t pay any attention to the time. When think about I let the treatment sit for more than an hour.

Step 2

For the shampoo routine I used Mizani Moisturfusion Milk Bath Shampoo. I decided to do a reconstructor treatment – because I planned to flat iron my hair – with ApHogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor. After 5 minutes I rinsed out the conditioner. – During the wash I noticed that the hair loss was minimal. I think my pre poo treatment is a keeper, but I have to keep my eye on it –

Step 3

For the conditioning routine I used Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner mixed with oils (Castor x Grape Seed x Peppermint x Rosemary). I mentioned a view time that I L O V E this conditioner. It really gives my hair that moisture boost. I didn’t pay any attention to the time.



Step 4

After my hair was t-shirt dried for 10 minutes I sprayed CHI Keratin Mist all over my hair and sealed with Creme of Nature Argan Oils Treatment. When applying the product to my hair, I focused on my ends. Because I was planning to flat iron my hair, I let my hair air-dry.

The next day my hair was thick and moisturized. It was ‘over’ moisturized that I was afraid to flat iron my hair the same day. I didn’t want the weigh down look. I’m not sure how many week post I am, but I like the way my hair is growing.

Sometimes not paying attention to time can be a good thing

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