Wash day | June 28!!

2015.06.28 wash day relaxed hair (EEMSDIARY)

I’m still on my stretch. The plan was to relax my hair last Sunday. Well I’m still debating if I need to relax my hair. This is so funny, because if have never been in this situation that I didn’t know when I should relax.

2  0   w  e  e  k  s   p  o  s  t   r  e  l  a  x  e  r

Pre poo treatment
It’s been a while but I missed pre pooing my hair before a wash. I applied Coconut oil on my hair and Jamaican Black Castor oil on my scalp. After an hour pre pooing without heat, it was time to wash my hair.

Washing treatment
For the wash I used Mizani Moisturfusion Milk Bath Shampoo. The hair loss during the wash was minimal.

Deep condition treatment
To deep condition I used Mizani Moisturfusion Silk Cream Conditioner and mixed it with some oils (Almond oil x Vitamin E oil x Peppermint oil x Rosemary Oil). I planned to use my Huetifull Steamer, but instead I didn’t use any heat tool. Deep condition for an hour.

2015.06.28 new growth edges (EEMSDIARY)    2015.06.28 new growth back (EEMSDIARY)

Leave in treatment
I used Mizani D’tangle moisturizing milk and sprayed it all over my hair and really concentrating on my ends. This is a new product I’m trying out. For sealing I used Macadamia Natural Healing Oil Treatment. I’m so sad because I finish the bottle and I want to buy a new one, but the price is killing me – ugh -.

Did you notice something …..?? For this wash I almost used one product brand. I’m changing my regimen and the way I combine products. A post about the subject will come soon.

I’m almost there!

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  1. I loved the Mizani MoisturFusion line! The D’Tangle is the best thing ever especially when you have unruly tangles. Congrats on making it to 20 weeks post relaxer chica! Is this your longest stretch?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience! Don’t forget to add your badge! You can find it here.

    KLP @ http://www.savingourstrands.com

    1. I have been using the D’Tangle product for a view weeks now .. and I love it too. No, my longest stretch was 6 months :).

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