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Relaxer | January 10!

2016.01.10 Relaxer Routine

With every stretch I tell myself that I won’t go further than 18 weeks post, but here I’m again at 24 weeks post relaxer. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with stretching for a long period of time – I have been doing that for the longest – but I wanted to try something different and see how my hair will react.

With every stretch my focus has been with retaining my length. At times I’m still dealing the extreme breakage and split ends. Like sometimes I will talk to my hair and ask “Can I get a break?” and living in the Netherlands doesn’t help either – the weather is pissing me off- but on the positive note, I’m happy with my new growth. I’m transitioning from relaxed hair (bone straight texture) to texlaxed hair (semi straight hair).

T  I  M  E   F  O  R   T  H  E   C  R  E  A  M  Y   C  R  A  C  K

Relaxer Routine
  • Step 1
    Prep my hair for the relaxer. I section my hair in parts. Because of the sensitive areas – the nape and edges – I make sure that I part them separately. After parting I applied Vaseline on my hair that already has been relaxed. Because I texlaxed my hair I used 1 tps of Almond oil and mix it with the relaxer. This will slow down the relaxer process.

2016.01.10 section side     2016.01.10 section back

  • Step 2
    Apply the mixture too my new growth. I start at the back because the thickness of the new growth. After applying I use my finger to smooth out the new growth. Then I apply a second layer of mixture to the hair and smooth out the hair. I didn’t keep much notice of the time. After smoothing the hair for the second time, it’s time to rinse out the relaxer.

2016.01.10 relaxer back       2016.01.10 smooth out

  • Step 3
    I take my time with rinsing out the relaxer. For some strange reason I’m always afraid for residue from the relaxer. When I was done with rinsing I used ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo to shampoo my hair twice. To finish the wash I used Mizani Puriphying Shampoo. Just a small amount.
  • Step 4
    After the wash my hair needed some moisture. But don’t forget my hair also needed some protein. So I decided to use Mizani Fulfyl Conditioning Treatment and mixed with some oils (Castor 1tps x Jojoba 1tps x Olive 1tps x Peppermint few drops). I went I bit overboard with the oils – my bad –.

2016.01.10 bun        2016.01.10 back length

To complete the process I sat under my Huetiful Hair Steamer.

  • Step 5
    I used a cotton t-shirt and wrap my hair with it. To prep my hair I used Mizani D’tangle moisturizing milk and CHI Keratin Mist. For sealing I used Macadamia Natural Healing Oil Treatment. For a sleek look, I wrapped my hair and sat under the dryer.

I’m happy with my relaxer. My new growth is nicely texlaxed. When I was applying the conditioner to my hair there was some breakage from my bone straight ends. With this coming stretch I need to upgrade my methods to retain my length and of course keep it healthy.

Stretching all the way

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