Wash Routine

Wash day 9 November ’13

Ugh i’m still slacking with my weekly hair routine. I think it’s time for a  protective style, my dear friend the u-part wig lool.

Step 1
–> I started with a pre-poo. For this pre-poo I used an oil mix (castor + olive oil). I will write a post about this mix. I pre-pooed for 30 minutes with heat. After the pre-poo my hair was so shiny.. my dead ends where a live again *happyface*

2013.11.09 wash day

Step 2
–> For my wash I used Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisture & Shine Shampoo. I almost forgot about this shampoo. It’s is nice shampoo and it’s sulfate free.

Step 3
–> The best part of the washing routine – CONDITIONING – For this part I used ORS replenishing conditioner. I like this conditioner because it’s a good balance for moisture and protein. Normally I just do a heat treatment, but this time I went for a steamer treatment.  And oooo how I love this treatment. My hair was so moist and shiny.

Step 4
–> After rinsing my hair I wrapped my hair with a towel (I couldn’t find my t-shirt) for about 10 minutes. Applied Garnier Fructis Nutri Repair 3 in two sections and concentrating mostly on my ends and sealed with Creme of Nature Argan Oil treatment. Because I was in a hurry, I put my hair in a loose bun and  used my hooded dryer. My hair was dry within 15 minutes.

Step 5
–> The last step .. finally. Moisturized with my moisture mix (ORS Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion & regular Rosewater) and sealed with ORS HAIRepair oils. Put my hair in a low bun and I was good to go !!

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